Tuesday, June 14, 2011

am I a 14 year old girl?

So, as you know, I work in a high school so am privy to a lot of great TV talk.  I've realized lately that I watch all of the same shows as my 14 year old freshmen girls.  Should I feel bad about that?  I think my sister watches tween/teen shows, too...right Sister?  Have I sparked your interest?  Are you ready to make fun of me?

So, my favorite 3 channels are pretty much Bravo, HGTV, and ABC Family.

My current favorite 14 year old girl shows are:
Pretty Little Liars and Switched at Birth - both are on ABC Family and about high school kids.  I also thoroughly enjoy Make It or Break It (another classic ABC Family show about teenage gymnasts).

I'm not really sure why I'm drawn to these shows because the acting is pretty bad, but I'm still a little obsessed.  The real puzzle is how I get The Husband to be just as hooked as I am.  Am I a 14 year old girl who married another 14 year old girl?  Honestly, I'll DVR an episode and watch it before he gets home from work and when he finds out he'll be like "Oh, thanks for watching it without me, did you at least save it?"

What are your guilty pleasure TV shows??

When I said I'd blog everyday I didn't say they would be good.  = )

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